Company Incorporation in Belgium

Belgium is a country in Western Europe and is situated at the heart of the European Union with its strategic geographic location, intelligently developed transport network, and diversified industrial and respective commercial fields. The process for registering a company in Belgium is relatively straightforward.

What are the most common types of companies in Belgium?
• Company limited by shares (S.A./N.V.)
• Private limited liability company (S.P.R.L./B.V.B.A.)
• Foreign companies seeking to incorporate in Belgium may operate either through a subsidiary
• Incorporated under Belgian law as a branch of a foreign entity

For a subsidiary, the minimum share capital is €61,500, which must be fully subscribed to and paid up. For a branch, no minimum capital is required.

How much share capital is needed for a private limited liability company S.P.R.L./B.V.B.A.?
The minimum share capital for an S.P.R.L./B.V.B.A. is €18,600, of which at least €6,200 must be paid up.

What are the other features of an S.P.R.L./B.V.B.A.?

• The company has to have at least one shareholder
• This form of company admits only one director
• Shareholders are responsible only for the assets they brought into the business

Belgium company benefits

• Strategic location
• Diversified economy
• Strong infrastructure
• Brussels, a global city. Commonly referred to as “the capital of Europe”, Brussels is a hub for European and international governance.

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