Company Incorporation in Italy

Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, has left a powerful mark on Western culture. Italy is a major economic force in the EU. Italy’s geographic location is significant, making it a strategic logistics hub and a gateway to the European Single Market. Italy has recently taken new steps to position itself as a welcoming home for non-EU and EU residents for foreign investment. However, companies that want to capitalize on these advantages should be prepared to deal with a complicated regulatory environment that can lack the transparency, clarity, and efficiency offered by other Eurozone economies.

What are the main features of a Limited liability company SrL?

• Ideal format for small to medium businesses
• minimum share capital is €10,000
• accounts to be filed annually
• No restrictions on foreign investors

In Italy, there are two mains types of limited liability companies;

• Private Limited companies by Quotas including Traditional S.r.l or Simplified S.r.l.
• Public Limited Companies by Shares

The traditional S.r.l and Simplified S.r.l are the most common types of limited liability companies in Italy and they allow the broadest flexibility to the founder.

Italy company benefits
• Strategic logistics hub that ensures gateway to consumers in the EU, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.
• Pro-investment culture. The country has implemented significant reforms to gain investor trust and confidence such as forming a high-level committee within the Ministry of Economic Development
• Tax credits and incentives to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
• Among the largest manufacturing countries in Europe consisting of diverse sectors in machine tools, fashion items, food products, automotive, and pharmaceuticals.

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