Company Incorporation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most respected countries in the EU, which is why many entrepreneurs choose to establish a company here. The most common entities in Switzerland are a SA and a Sàrl. An SA is used mainly by medium-sized and large companies (public limited company), and a Sàrl is used for small and medium-sized companies (private limited company). An SA, also called a limited liability company is the most common entity type in Switzerland. Both entity types have their own conditions and advantages:

Swiss SA (public company):

  • Minimum share capital is 100,000 Swiss Francs (€61,600)
  • At least 50% of share capital to be paid up
  • Shareholders can remain completely anonymous
  • Great legal opinions

Swiss Sàrl (limited company):

  • Minimum share capital is 20,000 Swiss Francs (€12,320)
  • No restrictions on foreign ownership
  • Minimum of two people required to establish the company
  • One Swiss director is required. FirmEU helps with recruitment for local directors.
  • Great legal opinions

Switzerland is known for its economical, political and social stability, as well as its excellent infrastructure. This has led many international businesses to establish themselves in Switzerland. Switzerland has more than 70 double tax treaties in place, which makes it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to benefit from lower tax rates. This is also the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs choose Switzerland as a location for their Holding company.

This includes the fact that Swiss banks are very well regarded on the international market. This ensures that Swiss companies with a Swiss bank account are also very well regarded, which has a positive influence on contract negotiations and closings.

In addition to setting up your company, we also help with bank account opening, local address registration, accountancy, and tax compliance services.

Swiss company benefits
• Banking and financial services, which are among the best in the world due to its strong tradition of fiscal discipline.
• Tradition of neutrality
• Infrastructure and technology are vastly used in this developed country and is welcoming for startups.
• Access to neighboring EU countries

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