Company Incorporation in the Netherlands

Setting up a Limited Company (BV) in the Netherlands is one of the easiest and fastest processes in the EU. The Netherlands has been a hot spot for businesses for centuries and still is today. This is mainly due to the central location of the country, and the favorable Holding options. You can easily set up a company in the Netherlands as a foreign individual or business. If you want to learn more about the difference between an individual shareholder(s) and a corporate shareholder(s), please ask us. In the Netherlands, there are no obligations regarding shareholders and/or directors. This means that you are free to decide how you wish to structure your Dutch BV. And to add to that, the shareholders and directors can have any nationality.

Setting up a BV in the Netherlands is done with the help of our notaries (via a legalization), who have been offering their services to international entrepreneurs for years.

Instead of a normal legalization process, we can also offer a video call incorporation, so you do not have to go to a local notary to legalize documents. This will speed up the process of incorporating your company even more.

There are two requirements for Dutch BV’s, 1) a share capital requirement of €0,01(!), and 2) a registered business address. We also help clients find their perfect (virtual) address. After the establishment of the Dutch BV, we also take care of the accountancy and tax compliance for most of our clients. So everything is arranged from start to end.

Netherlands company benefits
• strategic location, the Netherlands has found favor from 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets including Asian, Middle East, and American companies that want to expand their reach too.
• Competitive tax rates. The taxation policy favors Foreign Direct investments (FDI) engaging in specific R&D for tax incentives to stimulate innovation.
• Innovation, The Netherlands government is a major proponent of public-private partnership and technological innovation.
• Large talent pool, the workforce in the country is highly educated, skilled, and multilingual because of the multicultural population.
• Strong financial center, The Netherlands has traditionally been a desirable place for a major financial institution, which plays a major part in the Dutch economy.

In some cases, a Dutch BV will not be sufficient for your situation. So if you would like more information on a Dutch Holding BV or a Dutch investment structure, please let us know!

Want to learn more about the Netherlands and the company formation procedure? Get in touch with one of our experts. 

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