Company Incorporation in the Nordic States

The Nordic States consist out of DenmarkFinland, and Norway. Find more information about these 3 jurisdictions below. If you want to receive information about a different Nordic States country, let us know!


Denmark is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. It’s linked to nearby Sweden via the Öresund bridge. Opening a company in Denmark is straightforward. Denmark has double-taxation treaties with more than 80 countries. Denmark gives advantages to investors for ease of doing business as innovation and entrepreneurship are highly encouraged by the national government. Denmark is ‘probably’ one of the most progressive economies in the EU, and is very welcoming to foreign direct investment. 

What are the general corporate tax rates?

For 2022 the tax rate is around 22%. Different exemptions and special rules may apply

What other requirements are there for an ApS (limited company)?

• At least one director and one shareholder, with no residency requirement
• No physical presence of director or shareholder, can be initiated by Power of Attorney
• CVR (Company registration number) will be provided by Danish Business Authority upon company registration.
What other types of companies are there?
• General Partnership (I/S)-there are no formal requirements for founding an I/S and is governed by its partnership agreement.
• Entrepreneurial Company (IVS) is governed by its articles of association or deed of incorporation
• Limited Partnership (P/S)-has legal personality

Denmark company benefits

• Business infrastructure is top-class
• Well-developed financial system
• Low corruption
• Trade freedom

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Finland is attracting foreign investors to its stable economic, political and friendly business environment. Foreign-owned companies in Finland are eligible for a wide range of government and EU incentives on an equal footing with Finnish-owned companies. The Finnish Tax Administration has a company friendly and transparent approach.

Which requirements are there for a private limited company (Oy)?
• The minimum share capital for a private limited company is €2,500.
• At least one board director and one deputy
• Financial statements (profit and loss account, balance sheet & notes to the accounts) should be filed with the Trade Register within 8 months after the financial period has ended
• Income tax return should be filed with the Tax Administration within 4 months after the financial period has ended
• Corporate income tax rate of 20%
• A local serviced office is required

Finland company benefits
• Tax incentives and taxation. Finland has the lowest corporate tax rate among the Nordic countries and of the lowest in the EU.

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Norway is a Nordic country in Northern Europe. Although Norway is not a member of the EU it is a member of the EEA (European economic area). Norway is a highly developed country with a strong economy and progressive government that promotes open polices. Registering a company in Norway is straightforward provided you comply with the formalities. The most commonly used structure for small and medium businesses is a Norwegian Private Limited Company.

What are the main features of a Norweigan private limited company?
• minimum share capital 30,000 NOK (€3500 approx.), fully paid up
• at least one shareholder; board of directors required
• 50% of board members must be resident in Norway or in a EU/EEA country

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