Digital Banking

Digital banking is becoming increasingly widespread as more and more people are ditching traditional banks in favor of digital banking solutions. Digital banking works entirely online, with no need to visit a physical bank branch. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, digital banks offer convenient solutions for customers looking to complete all their banking matters quickly and easily.

Digital banking is paving the way for the future of banking, with many banks already embracing it as the standard. To get ahead of this revolution, gain experience and familiarization with digital banks now! That way, you can stay up to date and be prepared for the world of modern banking.

Looking for a digital banking solution that meets your business needs? FirmEU is here to help! With our wealth of knowledge about international business and commerce, we can provide you with a range of options for opening banking and payment accounts, each with its own fees and levels of flexibility. Let us find the perfect digital bank for you – contact FirmEU today!

How can FirmEU assist?

At FirmEU, we specialize in digital banking and are equipped to provide personalized recommendations for businesses. We also help with the introduction to a bank or payment provider that is suitable for a corporate account as well as preparing all necessary documentation. During the opening process, we offer hands-on assistance and monitoring, and can provide additional services such as online banking or credit cards if needed. Additionally, our specialist team of advisors are available for ongoing guidance throughout the process, including for those dealing with substantial or larger than usual amounts. With international coverage including some complex jurisdictions, our network ensures professional excellence every time.


FirmEU can offer any company in any industry digital bank account opening services! So if you are looking for a bank account in a specific industry, contact one of FirmEU’s consultants below or through the contact us page.

Digital banking is an ideal way for companies in high-risk industries to manage their finances. This kind of banking solution provides a secure, efficient way to manage transactions and funds. Industries that may particularly benefit from digital banking services include cryptocurrency, Forex and investment, FinTech, import/export, gambling and iGaming, e-commerce, cannabis/CBD, paraphernalia, precious metals industries, and more. FirmEU is specialized in opening bank accounts for companies in high-risk industries.

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