Tax compliance & accountancy services

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Tax advisory

It is important to remain compliant with your local tax authorities and financial regulators. Firm EU is specialized in providing tax advisory, tax compliance, and accountancy services across many jurisdictions. In general, depending on which jurisdiction your company is set up, you must take care of the following:

  • Bookkeeping records, adhering to local standards; 
  • VAT returns. This can be done either on a monthly or quarterly basis; 
  • Financial statements. This is based on the profit & loss statement and balance sheet; 
  • Corporate income tax returns. 

Specific cases

In some specific cases, more is required from a compliance point of view. For example,  in some jurisdictions, if you pay out or receive a dividend, a specified dividend tax return is due. In other instances, companies must file intra-stat returns in order to comply with local VAT regulations. In any case, Firm EU is equipped to: 

  • Advice on how to minimize your global tax burden; 
  • File all necessary tax returns and financial statements; 
  • Do all necessary bookkeeping and accounting in order to keep your records up to date. 
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