Recruitment of Directors

A director for your foreign company can be a good move for several reasons. The main reason is that it creates more local presence. With this, a company is more likely to be seen as a truly local business, which brings several benefits. For example, with a local director, a company is more easily assigned the VAT number, they have higher chances of a local traditional bank account opening, and higher chances of contracts and/or loans with local companies if they onboard a local director.

Are you looking for a director for your foreign company? We can introduce you to a local director who can add value to your business. The monthly cost for a local director varies per country. If you are curious about what this recruitment cost will be, feel free to reach out to us.

In addition, a local director can also be beneficial when it comes to tax consequences, this can in some cases provide a reduction in the overall tax rate. If you are interested in reducing your overall tax rate, please follow this link to learn more about tax-optimized (crypto) structures.

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