VAT compliance

VAT compliance is necessary for all European jurisdictions. In most other continents, some type of VAT compliance is needed too. VAT compliance generally refers to filing VAT returns and, in some cases, intra-community reports as well. Firm EU can assist with:

Registering for VAT;
Filing the necessary VAT returns and intra-community reports.

If your company is operational in many different jurisdictions, it could be that your company is required to register for VAT and file VAT returns in that jurisdiction. In most cases, a company has to be registered for VAT when a certain amount of sales is achieved in that jurisdiction. Companies must also pay import VAT when importing products outside of the EU. In most countries, a VAT deferral permit is possible, effectively removing the obligation to pay import VAT. Firm EU can also provide fiscal representation services.

Are you looking for one single service that can take care of all of your VAT returns for a reasonable rate? Do you require advice on your VAT obligation? Look no further, inquire today!

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