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Opening a bank in a high-risk industry?

Do you have a business that is considered to be high-risk? And you cannot secure a bank account?

It is more difficult to open a bank account for a company in a high-risk industry, compared to companies in traditional industries. This is due to KYC/AML requirements typically set out by central banks and other regulatory bodies.

It is important to know that there are niche banks (both traditional and digital) that service high-risk industries. FirmEU can assist in laying out the banking options for companies in high-risk industries. If you want to speak to one of our consultants, contact us down below with the contact form

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Companies in the following industries should not hesitate to contact us:

  • Crypto industry;
  • Forex trading industry;
  • Adult/dating industry;
  • Cannabis/CBD industry;
  • Certain licensed companies (e.g. investment funds);
  • Gaming/iGaming (gambling) industry;
  • Precious metals; 
  • Money Transfer businesses;
  • Companies with a very high monthly transaction value in the import/export;
  • Any other high-risk industry.


High risk industries

Crypto industry

your dependable partner for crypto bank account opening

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Adult industry

Reliable banking solutions that understand the unique challenges you face

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Gaming/Gambling industry

reliable and tailored bank account opening solution for your iGaming or gambling business

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Cannabis industry

As a CBD entrepreneur, you understand the unique challenges posed by the industry’s high-risk perception.

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Forex industry

Are you a Forex trader searching for a reliable banking partner that understands the unique challenges of the industry

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How FirmEU can assist

Companies that operate in high-risk industries typically have a hard time finding suitable banking solutions. For them, a digital bank that provides a specialized high-risk merchant account can be the optimal choice. These accounts are designed specifically for businesses with substantial monthly sales (over €20,000) or those that are located in high-risk countries. Traditional bank accounts usually aren’t suitable for such organizations, even though they may seem like an attractive option.

High-risk banking is easier to access when working with an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) since they perform their own risk assessment for businesses based on location, activities, and ownership structure. However, there will still be a list of prohibited countries when setting up the account, just like with any other banking institution.

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How FirmEU can assist

A standard solution for these services is a niche digital bank (as opposed to traditional banks). But where are they, and how do they operate? FirmEU can assist you in this regard. We have a strong network of niche banking services per industry. FirmEU adds value by saving you time – we already have all the contacts and know-how when it comes to high-risk banking. This means that we will assist with filing the correct applications according to our experience, and providing the relevant documentation to our banking network. We work with the top banks in the world, and we have a wide range of banking solutions for clients in high-risk industries.

Finding it difficult to arrange a bank account for your high-risk business? Contact us with the form down below.

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